InvisibleCase 3D


Full protection without disrupting the beautiful design

InvisibleCase 3D fully protects your telephone. With the application of the Full-Form™ method it protects its housing from all sides. No more clumsy carrying pouches and cases.

Thanks to material memory and improved flexibility, InvisibleCase 3D
perfectly adheres to rounded edges of your phone display and housing.

Minor damage and cracks? It is no longer a problem.
InvisibleCase 3D regenerates its Surface by Self-Heal™
coating (for FlexibleGlass 3D: it's available for the back).
InvisibleCase 3D absorbs impacts.
Extremely complex structure reduces
potential damage to casing and display.
In opposition to traditional phone cases,
the InvisibleCase 3D does not influence both Wi-Fi and cell phone reception. It is completely neutral, so it provides full permeability.
Air-Dots™ is the first used technology providing full air permeability
of a phone case.

Owing to better air circulation and higher heat conveying ratio, InvisibleCase 3D protector allows to use a device without risk of overheating, which commonly appears with traditional phone cases.
Invisible Case 3D is now available for laptops
and tablets
. The Air-Dots technology provides quick
and easy bubble-free application, with no size
influence of the protected surface - it guarantees
the perfect protection even on bigger devices,
such as laptops and tablets.
InvisibleCase 3D now available in two versions:

Brand new InvisibleCase 3D is now
even more invisible. Matte surface of Matte-Coat™
layer intermingled with the original design of a device.

This solution proves perfect as both aluminum
and matte plastic phone protection.

Matte-Coat™ layer minimizes visual fingerprints and dirty
marks by the perceptible micrograin-structured film.
It helps to keep the case clean for longer.
Reduced risk of dropping your phone thanks to High-Grip™ layer. It also means better adherence
to the ground.



3mk® ARC 3D

3mk ARC3D packshot

High-Grip™ 21.99 EUR

Matte-Coat™ 21.99 EUR


Select ARC 3D

for your telephone with bent surface

at its front panel.


3mk® FlexibleGlass 3D

3mk FG3D packshot

High-Grip™ 24.99 EUR

Matte-Coat™ 24.99 EUR


Select FlexibleGlass 3D

for your telephone with flat surface

at its front panel.


Available for devices [+]

Available for devices [+]