The patented 3mk Likano System technology is a specially designed solution for the assembly of 3mk-branded products offered in selected outlets.


The well-equipped set consists of: an applicator with which you will put on foil at any telephone model; specially-prepared 3mk foils which enjoy favourable opinions of their users as well as juries of numerous tests; lint-free cloths and 3mk cleaning gel.

likano 1

3mk® Likano® Application System - benefits:

§  Worldwide patented solution will not be superseded by cheap imitations.

§  Thanks to one solution you can put on foil at any telephone and tablet.

§  Knowledge Base available on:

§  Easier accomplishment of sales plans.

§  High percentage of returning customers to apply the solution at their next telephone or tablet.



3mk® Likano® system is protected by the World Intellectual Property Organisation in 148 countries around the world.


Fastest putting-on of protective foil

The foil adheres to the display within 15 seconds and the entire application takes less than a minute.


Manufactured in Poland

3mk® Likano® system has been designed and manufactured in Poland.
It is characterised by high quality and incredible ease of use. 


Certificated and awarded protective foils

3mk protective foils are well-known in the market and have often been awarded.