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ARC Smartwatch Limited Edition - fitting instructions


arc smartwatch 1



We start fitting 3mk ARC Smartwatch film with thorough cleaning of the screen, preferably with a wet cloth included in the kit or 3mk gel cleanser.

  arc smartwatch 2


Using "STEP 1" leaf we take off its lower protective layer.

  arc smartwatch 3


After taking off this layer we place the film on the screen, spreading it using Anti-Bubble Card included in the kit and a lint-free cloth.

  arc smartwatch 4


We take off its upper protective layer by means of "STEP 3" leaf.

arc smartwatch 5


Using a lint-free cloth we remove any remaining air from under the film.

  arc smartwatch 6


Finished! :)  




bulb Thanks to the semi-permeable properties of 3mk® ARC SmartWatch film, any air bubbles will disappear within 24 - 48 hours.