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Convenient installation with Fit-In™ tabs

The instruction applies to: FlexibleGlass, HardGlass 2, SHIELD, HD+, MATTE, ROCK




Before getting to installation, turn off your phone or just lock the screen in, to avoid any kind of distractions.



Position while balancing the foil/glass on the screen, so that it fits perfectly. Next, take off white tabs from Fit-In™ positioning labels.



Align the top part of the foil/glass, considering all the holes and edges of a device. Then, stick an upper Fit-In™ label to the side of a phone. Make sure the product is perfectly aligned to the bottom of a screen and attach the other label.



Lift up the properly positioned foil/glass and wipe the screen in one direction only, to make it squeaky clean. This way allows to remove specks of dust.



Carefully take off the bottom protective layer, using Dust-Fix labelled „1.”




Next, adhere the entire surface of a foil/glass to the screen. Put the product on the screen and gently push it with your finger, starting from the centre and then going for the edges. 



Now, take off the upper protective layer, using the tab labelled „3.” Wipe the screen with a cleaning cloth - it will help to get rid of any unwanted air bubbles.



Finally, you can enjoy the highest level of screen protection. :)