Hardness for HardGlass 2 is on 9H grade.
It provides the highest anti-scratch protection.
Even the hardest objects like knife or keys are not a problem.
The process of longtime tempering
in even higher temperature - at 450°C,
ensures HardGlass 2 represents
the best quality of workmanship and durability.
Rounded edges, polished in 2,5D technology
make using HardGlass 2 even more convenient.

Improved manufacturing process and 0,3 mm thickness
reinforce impact resistance.
New oleophobic coating of HardGlass 2
adds even more tactile sensations.

It causes amazingly smooth and satisfying move
that gives a feeling of touching the actual screen.

The coating is endowed in system
which enables user to remove grease, acids
and other corrosive substances
from the glass surface efficiently.

Perfect image mapping
owing to clear multi-layered structure
of the HardGlass 2.

Durable and unalterable components guarantee
screen deprived of any discolorations
throughout the duration of use.

Easy installation and total touch sensitivity on the entire surface
due to Inviscid-Sil™ non-sticky substance.

HardGlass 2 is in disposition of more dense and adhesive
version of the substance, which reduces any microdisruptions
between glass and screen.

Possible re-installation and removal made a lot easier,
owing to outer part of the glass’s protecting coat.

It enables to keep your device protected
during transport or storage.
Manufacturing process of HardGlass 2
is both lawful and environmentally friendly.
Used components come from
Japanese providers.
HardGlass 2

The set includes:
- 1pc. HardGlass 2 (front)
- dry lint-free cloth
- moist cloth
- Anti-Bubble Card
- Fit-In™ positioning stickers
- Dust-Fix™ stickers
- installation instructions

12.99 EUR


KS Quality 2016-10

Type of protection tempered glass
Tempering temperature 450°C
Scratch-resistance (hardness) 9H (Pencil Hardness acc. Wolf-Wilburn Scale)
Thickness 0,3mm
Used technologies - rounded edges 2,5D
- oleophobic coating
- Inviscid-Sil™ adhesive
- Anti-Crash foil
Warranty 12 months
Compatibility - Apple iPhone 5/5C/5S
- Apple iPhone 6/6S
- Apple iPhone 6/6S Plus
- Apple iPhone 7
- Apple iPhone 7 Plus
- Huawei P9
- Huawei P9 Lite
- Huawei ShotX
- Microsoft Lumia 650
- Samsung Galaxy S6
- Samsung Galaxy S7
- Sony Xperia M5
- Sony Xperia Z5
- Sony Xperia Z5 Compact