Random meeting, need, suggestion - a split second was enough for the idea to be born.
2006 is the year when 3mk brand was established.


we are invisible

Since then, all the needs and expectations of our customers have been evolving, so we feel extra motivated to introduce more and more innovative and desirable products to the market. This time have been full of ups and downs, but the one main thing has not changed a bit: our constant aiming at being invisible. Our products are manufactured to be clear, transparent and non-intrusive. That’s all.


make it visible

On one hand, we are not for massive cases and protectors which visibly influence not only the original appearance of the device, but also inhibit the way we use it. On the other hand, we get upset the minute they start to become all scratched up or, what’s worse, cracked.

We put major effort on a daily basis to put nothing but pleasure into use of any device. Its design and ergonomics are beyond crucial but we never forget about our priorities - the highest level of protection. We protect it from any kinds of scratches, bumps or minor falls. We do it imperceptibly.

Keeping it invisible is the main thing we feature in each and every product, meaning screen protector foils, tempered glass, hybrids and our new InvisibleCase 3D line.


we are invisible to make it visible



3mk invisibleprotection