HardGlass Max™

Curved tempered glass - let it protect the entire screen.

HardGlass Max™ provides the highest scratch protection possible.

Its hardness stands on the high level of 9H. Giving that reason, even the hardest steel objects are no longer an issue.

High durability, edging and extraordinary protective qualities.

Those are the effects of long-lasting process of tempering. The glass is under its influence in 420 °C for many hours.

Perfect coverage of curved edges is finally possible with HardGlass Max™.

It is a breakthrough among tempered glass protectors, hich focus only on protecting the flat part of the screen.

Secret lies in using both smooth and curved edges which are made in 3D Edge technology.

Combination of that and 0,3 mm thickness guarantees an extra impact protection.

An additional oleophobic coat on the surface of HardGlass Max™ provides perfectly smooth finger glide.

It reduces friction to minimum, so that every touch of the screen equals pure joy. What’s more, it reduces grease and all the streaks in order to keep the glass even cleaner.

Undisturbed visual effects and original saturation of displayed colors owing to perfectly clear structure of the glass.

Each layer is carefully selected, so that the highest color and sharpness quality can be maintained.

Perfect touch responsiveness kept either while dynamic game or casual browsing of messages.

All because of direct glass placement on the screen. No distractions between You and the screen.

HardGlass Max™ adjusts perfectly to the original color scheme of the front side of a device.

It is available in versatile color variations. Plus, if desired, you can take the opportunity and change the original coloring of the front side.

Easy and precise installation with Inviscid-Sil™.

The non-sticky adhesive Inviscid-Sil™ stops air bubbles from appearing and makes pushing them out much easier.

Depending on the phone, HardGlass Max can be installed in three different ways. For more details, see the offer page available for your phone model.

All the used components come from reliable Japanese suppliers.

The manufacturing process of HardGlass Max™ is legitimate and fully environmentally friendly.

Kit contains:

- HardGlass Max™ glass,
- Anti-Bubble Card,
- wet cleaning cloth,
- dry cleaning cloth.

Type of protection tempered glass
Scratch-resistance (hardness) 9H (Pencil Hardness acc. Wolf-Wilburn Scale)
Tempering temperature 420°C
Thickness 0,3mm
Used technologies - Tempering
- Inviscid-Sil™ adhesive
- Anti-Crash foil
- oleophobic coating
Warranty 12 months