HardGlass SoftEdge™

New HardGlass SoftEdge™ – protect the entire screen, and do not worry about breaking.

Use it longer and do not worry about breaking.

Fusion of glass and edge-protecting component makes HardGlass SE™ more damage-resistant. The biggest flaw of tempered glass gone forever.

HardGlass SE™ protects the entire display.

Forget about all unprotected edges.

Ultimate scratch 9H resistance.

Hard or sharp objects do not threat your phone anymore.
*does not apply to flexible edges

3D edges so perfectly profiled you would not tell they're there.

With HardGlass SE™ on, the feeling remains the same.

0,4 mm thick.

Perfect display coverage and fineness make you feel the glass is not there. Enjoy the upgraded break resistance.

Keeping it clean made easier.

Additional oleophobic coating helps you remove fingeprints and dirt from the surface.

Undisturbed visual effects and original saturation of displayed colors owing to perfectly clear structure of the glass.

Each layer is carefully selected, so that the highest color and sharpness quality can be maintained.

Perfect touch responsiveness kept either while dynamic game or casual browsing of messages.

All because of direct glass placement on the screen. No distractions between You and the screen.

HardGlass SE™ matches phone front panel color palette.

Available in two shades.
*does not apply to all models

The most precise and fast application is mainly provided by non-sticky Inviscid-Sil™ substance.

It prevents from air bubbles to form and makes pushing them out much easier.
Another improvement concerning installation of HardGlass SE is its edge-to-edge surface, that covers the entire screen of a device. Owing to that, precision and symmetry of proper fit are far more noticeable.

Kit contains:

- HardGlass SE glass,
- Anti-Bubble Card,
- wet cleaning cloth,
- dry cleaning cloth.

Type of protection tempered glass
Scratch-resistance (hardness) 9H (Pencil Hardness acc. Wolf-Wilburn Scale)
Thickness 0,4mm
Used technologies - Tempering
- Rounded edges 3D Edge
- Inviscid-Sil™ adhesive
- Anti-Crash foil
- oleophobic coating
Warranty 12 months
Available for devices

-Apple iPhone 6
-Apple iPhone 6s
-Apple iPhone 6 Plus
-Apple iPhone 6s Plus
-Apple iPhone 7
-Apple iPhone 7 Plus
-Apple iPhone 8
-Apple iPhone X
-Huawei P8 Lite 2017
-Huawei P9 Lite 2017
-Huawei P10 Lite
-Huawei P10
-Samsung J7 2017