Matt Case

Matt Case

Matt Case – a case with increased resistance to scratches, discolouration and dirt.

Increased durability

What are your expectations when you put a new case on your phone?
Do you appreciate the resistance to scratches, discolouration and fingerprint marks?
Do you want the case to be a perfect fit, made with attention to detail and retain its good look for a long time?
This is Matt Case – a case with increased durability from 3mk.

Drop resistance tested

Matt Case perfectly protects your phone during a drop, absorbing the force of impact. Absorber125™ resistance class confirms that the phone protected by Matt Case suffered no damage after being dropped 26 times from a height of 125 cm.
That is higher than Military Grade protection.

Easy wireless charging

The Matt Case structure is compatible with induction phone chargers, allowing you to conveniently charge your phone wirelessly without removing the case.

Protection against dirt

Matt Case is very flexible and fits perfectly over your phone, protecting it from the damaging effects of sand and dust. The screen is protected by the slightly raised edges of the case, compatible with glasses and 3mk films.

Design precision

Matt Case protects all protruding buttons, and the EasyClick™ Buttons standard guarantees full touch sensitivity. Matt Case also has precise cut‐outs for all necessary phone sockets.

Lens protection

Matt Case has raised edges around the lenses. Whenever you put away your phone, the lenses do not directly touch the surface and are perfectly protected against breakage.

Dscout's research showed that the average user holds the phone in his hand for almost 2.5 hours a day. Matt Case is approved by the National Institute of Hygiene, which guarantees that it is free of harmful substances and safe for your health – no matter how much time you spend on the phone.

While we’re protecting the phones, we're concerned about the planet. Matt Case has successfully passed RoHS certification in an independent laboratory – this means that it is environmentally friendly and complies with strict EU directives on heavy metals and hazardous substances (including lead, mercury and cadmium).


Type of protection Case
Resistance class Absorber125™
Thickness 1.2 mm
Warranty 24 months
Set cointans 1 pcs. 3mk Matt Case