No more light reflexes.

MATTE allows the usage of the phone even in very strong lighting.

No fingerprints and visible dirt.

MATTE makes the screen look clean and easy to read.

Perfect fit.

Laser production makes the MATTE fit the screen perfectly.

Perfect transparency.

A very high quality of color transmission, 15-35% better than in other matte anti-glare types of foil.

The quickest no-bubble installation.

The fastest application thanks to Fit-­In™ positioning stickers, which help to precisely position the MATTE on the screen.

Kit contains:

- one ARC™ (front)
- wet cleaning cloth
- dry cleaning cloth
- Anti-Bubble Card

Type of protectionMATTE foil
Used technologiesInviscid-Sil™ adehsive
Laser production
Warranty24 months