The antimicrobial coating kills 99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and moulds.
It works 24/7.

It kills 99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and moulds

Strengthens the screen of your smartphone by 300%!

It kills viruses, bacteria,
fungi and mould 24/7

Phones collect germs

Your smartphone is constantly collecting germs. Every time you touch your phone, you carry germs from previously touched areas: handles, railings, steering wheel.


Did you know that the screen of a mobile phone collects up to 300 times more bacteria than a public toilet?


Did you know that you touch your smartphone screen more than 2,000 times a day and transfer potentially dangerous germs to it?
Your epidermis, sweat, sebum and makeup residue also accumulate on the screen. The heat generated by the device creates excellent conditions for the development of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Did you know that scientific research* confirms the possibility of transferring pathogenic bacteria between people by using the same phone?


The antimicrobial coating used kills 99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and moulds. It works 24/7. It protects your smartphone when you can't provide proper disinfection. It is a perfect complement to smartphone hygiene.

Perfectly fitted

We take accurate measurements of each smartphone screen. As a result, we can offer you a product that perfectly fits the display of your phone. SilverProtection film is flexible and also protects surface of the rounded screen.


To extend the life of the film, we used a self-healing coating. This means that the film "works" and repairs minor damage or scratches occurring during phone use. Self-Heal™ makes you enjoy a perfectly smooth film surface even longer!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Does SilverProtection film protect against coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and reduce the risk of COVID-19?
At the moment, we do not know the clear answer. We are conducting research that will allow us to answer this question in the near future.

Yes, technology works and protects your phone at all times.

Yes, the protective films have been tested and are completely safe for the user.

The kit contains:

  • 1x SilverProtection,
  • Anti-Bubble Card™,
  • CleaningSet.


Protection typeantimicrobial protective film
Phone screen strengthening300%
Thickness0,17 mm
Technologies used

  • structure enriched with silver nanoparticles

  • laser production technology

  • Self-Heal ™ technology - self-regenerating

  • case friendly

Warranty6 months

*Article in American journal of infection control · June 2011
Do mobile phones of patients, companions and visitors carry multidrug-resistant hospital pathogens?
Mehmet Sait Tekerekoglu, MD, Yucel Duman, MD, Ayfer Serindag, PhD, Serpil Semiha Cuglan, MD, Halim Kaysadu, MD, Emine Tunc, MD, and Yusuf Yakupogullari , MD, Malatya, Turkey